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AT Security is proud to join The Tarian Group family of companies. Tarian is leading the way in strategically transforming the security marketplace through innovative solutions, emerging technologies, capital investments, and strategic partnerships across the country. Together, we are the nation’s premier integrated security company specializing in the delivery of security and related services through world-class customer service, innovative solutions, and a comprehensive and customized approach. Please visit to learn more.

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“I just wanted to let you know how GREAT the transition has been to AT Security!  The transition was smooth, and the officers are fantastic!  They are on time and respect our residents.  I couldn’t ask for better.  Thank you to you and your team…I honestly didn’t know it was possible to have such great service! “

– Residential High Rise, Administrator

“AT Security officers met with an off-duty police officer, provided an access badge, and explained expectations.  He contacted the security staff at adjacent properties and informed them of the police officer’s presence for the night.  He met arriving personalities and escorted them into the building.  He escorted personalities and other employees out of the building.  His efforts were greatly appreciated!”
– Commercial Real Estate/Entertainment, Manager of Security & Facilities
“AT Security personnel on our property were contacted and briefed regarding a potentially volatile situation nearby that was scheduled to begin shortly after their shift change.  AT Security personnel remained onsite, with his relieving officer, until my arrival.  Job well done by both officers!  Their efforts are greatly appreciated!”
– Commercial Real Estate, Manager Security & Facilities

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