Real-time or scheduled reporting & notifications for every business case.


Do you have a team of security professionals (mobile patrols, officers, guards) that often struggle to document your clients’ critical security detail information? Perhaps your team is assigned to tour specific areas of the building and wanted to be notified when items have not been completed or performed outside of your location. We have the solution.


Are you a commercial cleaning company? Is your staff keeping the grounds clean and performing as expected? Do you lack detailed checklists & inspections of specific staff actions, such as trash emptied, windows washed, bathrooms cleaned or items restocked? Maybe you’re looking for an advantage against your competitors in the sales cycle? We have the solution.


As a first-class facilities organization, you need to understand the state of all aspects of the facility in real-time. Your organization employs various staff members to maintain critical infrastructure. Imagine you could rely on real-time notifications from anyone in your organization via a mobile application that documents findings and exceptions. We have the solution.


Are you an owner, operator or a service provider to the restaurant and hotel industry? Do you find it challenging to get real-time visibility into activities performed by employees, contractors, or management? Are your teams performing checklists via paper? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the information easily searchable and at your fingertips? We have the solution.

Property Management

Does your organization employ contractors such as security, janitorial and maintenance workers? Are you struggling to have your contractors document critical items to ensure your properties are first class? Does sharing real-time information across teams on the location and status of activities give you a competitive advantage? We have the solution.


Are you in the education, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, transportation, or retail industry? Is your organization desperate to rid itself of paper and clipboards? Perhaps you’re looking to increase productivity? Are you struggling to find a single platform that is economical, easy to use and maintain for your deskless workers? We have the solution.